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Dear All,

Kindly be informed that we are no longer taking HEELARIOUS orders since the owner does not take wholesale orders anymore. Yes, a sad news it is.

We are deeply sorry for not replying your emails/SMSes earlier since we've been rectifying the matter with HEELARIOUS owner.

And another sad news is, we are no longer doing baby clothings business as we are too tied up with other obligations - office work, wedding photography and wedding gifts business.

Thus, we would like to CLEAR ALL STOCK soonest we can. If you wish to purchase, kindly email or SMS your request to 019 394 2295. We will try our best to reply you a.s.a.p.

Thank you for your relentless support all these while especially to those returning customers.

Twendy Tots Team

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Heelarious baby shoes!

Dear Moms and Dads, Uncles and Aunties, Bros and Sis, Ladies & Gentlemen

I am proud to announce that Twendy Tots is for now the only registered supplier in Malaysia for the trendiest, cutest Heelarious baby shoes from USA! Yeay!! These extremely funny, completely soft shoes for babies aged 0-6 months (Msian babies aged 6-12 months since the size is 11cm x 6cm) are designed to look like high heels! However, these shoes are not intended for walking (heel will collapse with weight), and not intended to harm children in any way.

Each pair of heelarious heels is packaged in a darling purse-shaped gift box, complete with a rhinestone closure.

Price in USD is $35/pair but we're selling for only RM99/pair!! Place your order now before its too late!

Size: 6cm (width) x 11cm (length)

Set 1: Ava (Pink satin heel with zebra satin lining)

Set 2: Kayla (Zebra satin heel with pink satin lining)

Set 3: Lily (Featuring an open toe adorned with a bow, a satin chandelier print completes the look.)

set 4: Stella (Red satin heel with leopard satin lining )

These sets are set to retire! When the stock is gone she’s gone. Limited availability!

Set 5: Elle (pink patent heel with zebra satin lining)

Set 6: Kate
(Black satin heel with black satin lining)
1 set available

Set 7: She's a Little lady
(black patent heel with pink satin lining)


mrs plain-june said...

alaa.. nuha dah 6m.. dahla kaki gebush! x muat apa :( i like the pink peep toe!! apa nama dia.. lily? aa.. yg tu so da*m gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Twendy Tots said...

tu la.. nuha takleh pakai lak.. kalau tak bleh jadi model :D

Mamasherl said...

So cute......... Such a waste tat my bb feet are too big for it now.
very sad :-(

Twendy Tots said...

hi mamasherl.. aww too bad :(

mamazafira said...

is set 7 still available?

Twendy Tots said...

hi mamazafira, set 7 sold out already. we'll be restocking soon

Kids boots said...

They looks so pretty.I am so glad that I run into this post. Keep posting.

Plumbing said...

Nice post. It would had been more interesting if there are pictures in this post. I'll keep visiting for more of your post.

party bags said...

Too bad two years have gone by since this article was posted. I just wish I stumble in this site before. I really like the design.

Double Glazing said...

This was really great. It's very interesting reading your post. Thank you for sharing.

Heelys Shoes said...

Cute style and design. I love the entirety of the shoes. Cute in its color variation. Very lovely.

plumbing said...

Great even it's out dated I still like your design and I'm planning to have a new sets of style maybe I can get some ideas here to look more fabulous in fashion.

childrens snow boots said...

I like it! I can say that baby shoes help baby's feet to grip the floor better, which helps to develop the muscles in their feet properly.

afdlysya said... it still available..??

Giant Strides said...

The first shoes your little one wears should have soles that are super-soft. Make sure you can bend and twist them every which way, and even feel your baby's toes right through the leather.

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